ENVIRONMENTAL: Managing Member

Managing Member

Jacolette Adam

Jacolette is a registered professional scientist (Pr. Sci. Nat.) who holds a MSc and a LLM in Environmental Law, with 20 years experience in the environmental sector. She is a managing member of Exigent. Since completion of her MSc in 2000, she has worked in all nine provinces of South Africa, as well as in Africa, Mozambique and DRC.

Jacolette has successfully conducted project management for numerous environmental assessments in terms of various legislated processes throughout South Africa for a wide range of clients, including the mining sector, the large-scale housing developments, private lodge developments, telecommunication industry, various engineering projects including pipelines, road construction, road upgrades. She has been responsible for various strategic projects such as Integrated Environmental Management Programme for municipalities as well as Provincial State of the Environment Reporting.

In line with the newer developments in the environmental field, she has obtained valuable experience in compiling biodiversity offset documents and negotiating these aspects with relevant government Departments and related authorities. Due to her training as an ecologist/zoologist she provides the specialist skill of wetland and ecological assessments. She qualified as a Carbon Footprint Analyst in 2015.