ENVIRONMENTAL: Social Responsibility

Exigent is an equal opportunity employer

We believe that the solution to success lies with people, and therefore we put great emphasis on people, be they our employees or clients. To enable us to embrace our vision of social responsibility we actively and diligently pursue the following:

Social Involvement

Social interaction as being one of the cornerstones of affirmative actions is one of the areas that we treasure.  In our quest to achieve our vision, we are actively involved in grass roots projects were we attend meetings, drive those community efforts, and assist in capacity building were we can, free of charge.  Exigent believes that we have to empower others so that they can in turn empower others. We fully supported the studies and related living costs of Cindy Shange. She is a young, dynamic black woman enthusiastic for a studying opportunity.


Human Resource Development

Exigent is actively involved in learner ships were we take the leading role in giving the needed training to previously disadvantaged individuals.  We further assist in the placement of these PDIs after training has been completed.  Most of these learnerships will actively partake in the running of our business until we feel that they are capacitated.


Community Involvement

Exigent always welcomes opportunities to get involved in community projects and therefore we always our encourage new clients to bring to our attention the community needs within their areas, as to enable us to look into the need and assist in fulfilling that need if it is within our power.