A Systems Approach applied to your requirements


Exigent Engineering Consultants was established 1998 providing Multidisciplinary Engineering and Environmental Services. Exigent has since grown into a profitable organisation.

The Vision of Exigent is to provide value to the client and through that:


  • Grow financially,
  • continuously improve the Exigent capability, and
  • Invest in social responsibility.


Exigent 's foundation is built upon Industrial Engineering principles and has entrenched the principle of productivity within Exigent. Exigent follows a systems approach towards conforming to a client's requirements. Exigent continuously monitor and improve output to ensure a high measure of requirement conformance in order to deliver quality products.


Exigent is structured into 3 business units with the following respective offerings: Multidisciplinary Engineering Services, Environmental Services, and a Specialist Human Resource Contracting Service.


Exigent complements its services by utilising and offering two software applications:


  • Adaptive - Enterprise Architecture Meta Data Management & Knowledge Repository
  • VisualSPAR – Complex System Reliability Availability and Maintainability (RAM) analysis, and Enterprise Asset Life Cycle Management Tool.