Our Experience

Business Analysis, Enterprise Architecture, and ICT Projects

  • Develop a Business Process Baseline as well as a Functional Specification for a computer application in support of their Projects Environment of BHP Billiton / Bayside Aluminum / Hillside / Mozal
  • Develop a Business Process Baseline for the Marketing and Outbound Logistics Business and document the procedures in preparation for a further SAP implementation at BHP Billiton.
  • Compiling the Department of Defence (DOD) Information Strategy.
  • Consultation to assist in the establishment of the Department Of Defence‚Äôs Enterprise Information System Architecture.
  • Establishment of Architecture Standards for State Information Technology Agency (SITA) and State Departments.
  • Business Process Re-Engineering in several state departments.
  • SAP functional and feasibility exercise for possible SAP implementation within the DOD environment.
  • Design of Information Systems at strategic and detail design level for SITA.
  • Compilation of a SITA Information System Master Plan.
  • Compiling an Information System Master Plan for Department of State Expenditure.
  • Compiling an Information System Master Plan for the South African Medical Health Services.
  • Compiling the DOD Geospatial Strategy, Policy, Business Architecture, and Goal Information System Architecture.
  • Participating in Strategic Planning for moving towards one integrated Logistics Information System for the DOD.
  • Enterprise Architecture consulting services provided to PBMR inclusive of solution requirement definition and implementation services.
  • Consulted and assisted in maintaining the PBMR Policy, Procedure and Process System. This included facilitating, designing, implementing processes and infrastructure for plant delivery.
  • The design of a payroll system for a labor hire business contracted by Business Engineering.
  • The design, implementation and support of a Collaboration & Workflow Software Offering.
  • Design and specification for the SANLAM housing IT application.

Project Management in Engineering and Information Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Established and managed a project team to disassemble vacuum chamber plants in Heidelburg, packed and preserved the plant for shipment to Egypt with design and operating documentation for assembly, commissioning and operation of vacuum chambers for Degesh SA.
  • Established and managed a project team to disassemble a pasta plant in Kinshasa DRC and to assemble and commission the plant in Johannesburg for Fixtrade.
  • Project Management for ATIO Corporation year 2000 compliance project.
  • Project Management to develop and implement the Integrated Development Planning Nerve Centre (IDPNC) for SITA client Directorate Provincial & Local Government.
  • Project Management on several ICT projects for Business Engineering.

Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Studies

  • Bateman RAM and throughput study for coal transfer system at Eskom Medupi Power Plant
  • Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR) Development of an analytical software model for quantifying plant availability.
  • Lesedi RAM study for low pressure system at Eskom Medupi Power Plant
  • Industrial Water Cooling (IWC) RAM study for Axillary Cooling System at Eskom Medupi Power Plant
  • ALSTOM RAM study for Instrumentation and Control System at Medupi and Kusile Plants
  • ALSTOM RAM study for Flue Gas Desulphurisation Plant at Eskom Medupi Power Plant

Hazardous Operations Studies (HAZOP), Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) and Safety Studies

  • Bateman FMECA study for the Coal transfer system at Eskom Medupi Power Plant.
  • ALSTOM FMECA study for a Flue Gas Desulphurisation Plant at the Eskom Kusile Power Plant.
  • Bateman HAZOP study for the Coal transfer system at Eskom Medupi Power Plant.
  • ALSTOM HAZOP study for the Flue Gas Desulphurisation Plant at the Eskom Kusile Power Plant.
  • SAMANCOR CR HAZOP study for waste heat power generation plant.
  • Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR) analytical software model for quantifying safety for the reactor.
  • Participated in HAZOP studies on several PBMR reactor subsystems.
  • Participated in FMECA studies on several reactor subsystems.

Simulation Projects and Economic Feasibility Studies

  • Middleburg Steel and Alloys throughput simulation model for assisting engineering decisions with regards to the steel manufacturing capacity expansion project.
  • Compiling recommendations with regards to spare part allocation and maintenance plans.
  • USA Consulting Firm (Tippens) contracted Exigent for compiling a throughput simulation model for Danish Steel in Denmark to conduct engineering and economic feasibility analysis regarding their expansion project. ARENA (SIMAN).
  • Conducted an economic feasibility study in Cairo Egypt for the export of used/redundant Vacuum Chamber Plants to Cairo from RSA for Degesh SA.
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis for quantifying the economic feasibility for a SAP implementation within the Department of Defence (DOD).

Optimization / Improvement

  • Investigate and implement improvements with regards to scrap control at BHP Billiton / Bayside Aluminum
  • Analysis of De Beers laboratory throughput and logistic support processes. Investigated, modeled & analyzed business processes and made recommendations regarding the overall performance enhancement of the facility.

Logistic Support Consulting

  • Compiling a logistic support concept for Metro Rail.
  • Designing the DOD Materiel/Logistics Governance Framework and Business Processes.
  • Consulting to the DOD logistics environment with regards to Logistic Support activities, reliability and support concept.
  • Managed and participated in the development of Weapon System Management Manuals (Life Cycle Asset Management) for the South African Army that contained management and logistic support principle/activity requirements for weapon system managers including managing RAM aspects of Weapon Systems.

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